Moving- Grooving – yet Connecting

Last day when I was running to catch the usual bus to go to my office, My Nokia (owner changed now) smart phone dropped from my hand. I could see a part of it going just under the bus. The battery was out of it and lying on the ground near to my feet. But its front part was under the bus. Initially I was a bit hesitant to bring back the screen. We live in such a place where bus drivers think only about to win the road race. Probably almost all of them dream of being one Carl Lewis in their heart. Anyway the situation was very sad for me. I didn’t want to lose my phone and my left leg either. One stranger came for my rescue and requested the bus driver to wait for a minute. I utilized the time and brought my phone back to me. But the destiny had some other plans. According to that, the touch screen of my phone got all the possible scratches.

           I went to office. I was sad. Then I saw my team lead’s mobile, a high end android phone. I got a desire. I wanted to own the same phone as him. I did some inspection and got elaborate details of its specification. The only problem was its high price. So I searched for some more devices within my budget.

          In this searching process I got to know about some amazing technological inventions. Perhaps, I knew the names, but this time I got to know their utilizations and efficiency. First among them is Apple inc’s Siri whose Norwegian meaning is “beautiful woman who leads you to victory”. As the name suggests, it works as a knowledge navigator. It uses a natural language processing concept to absorb the request and perform accordingly. Initially it was used in web services.

          Then I came across the android based app which runs on the concept of artificial intelligence and natural language processing (we can consider that this is Siri for Android), named Assistant. This time the famous search engine brought us its player to download and use this astounding application.

           Suppose I am driving my car and my project manager calls me up and I can’t stop to a nearby place to take the call, moreover I don’t wear a Bluetooth device on my ear. What shall I do? No, I don’t have to do anything. The beautiful lady in the app will do everything. She will ask me whether I want to take the call and pick up the call by her. I just have to speak. Yes, yes some people are thinking that it is not right to speak on the phone while driving. But for some urgent matter you can not help it.

         Again suppose my boyfriend sends me a message and the stubborn boy wants to have an immediate reply for it. I am a lazy girl or just came back from work and feeling too tired to type. What shall I do? A break up? Never! I can not afford it. So I just have to use this app. Again that amazing lady will inform me that I have an unread message. Then she will ask me if I want to know what is written in the message and she will read it for me. Moreover, she will ask me if I want to send a reply for it. On my confirmation, she will type my message. Yes, I have to speak of course; I can not possess this much of laziness!

          I don’t want to go through the numerous apps in my phone to open up the camera or to open the browser. I shall just say, “Say cheese!” or “Search ‘Coffee places’!”  My Assistant will open up the camera or the browser or it will start to search the right thing in the search engine upon my voice instruction. It can also remember my instruction for a particular search or work.

        It will show me the way to my destination with the help of the map, GPS system and a sweet voice. It will keep me hooked with the technology while I am moving and grooving. It will help me to create a text document, open my favorite game and in so many things. So I can refer it to be a friend of mine with a disguise of technology. After all portable devices and their apps are designed to reduce the human effort as we are so special and more special is this site: So what am I waiting for? I am just going to grab my device while leaving you with a small working picture of this awesome app.


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This post is for the contest: “Time to Transform!” an Indiblogger initiative for ASUS Transformer Book T100. (



6 thoughts on “Moving- Grooving – yet Connecting

  1. Nice one yaar… “beautiful woman who leads you to victory” is interesting… btw so sad that your mobile is damaged :(. Gud that u investigated & shared with us 🙂

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